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I'm a dreamer searching for balance, wisdom, and prosperity.


I was born in Culver City. There was nothing special or spectacular about my birth. The ground did not shake and lightning didn’t split the skies. By all accounts my life began just as ordinary as any other. I don’t know if it happened the moment I opened my eyes or at some point years later but I was inexplicably struck with the notion to have my birth be the only thing common in my life.

Sure we all think this way, I know. As children we all dream of doing something grand with our lives. We hope to be bigger than life, to be rich and famous. As we age those dreams fade. Reality sets in and the world is revealed to be hard and sometimes cruel. As we struggle for understanding we deal with life’s difficult tests by shedding our dreams one by one. We forbid our minds from thinking about anything other than what is tangible, practical and common.

My best friend believes me guilty of this. He sees practicality in my actions and he doubts my mind can conceive anything that isn’t tangible. But he is wrong. I do still dream and my dreams are big. People may not see the scope of my dreams or believe I have any at all. I play no instrument, I don’t sing. I am not an artist or dancer. I’m not even much of a writer. Most do no look at me and see a dreamer. I don’t wear my dreams on my sleeve. But the dreams are there, all of them, in my big head.


batman, los angeles lakers, jazz, san francisco 49ers, watching great movies, great food